Shared values

Reaching out to the world through our customers

While Alsapan works with the largest distributors inside and outside France, it also has long-lasting partnerships with major players such as IKEA since 1986 and the Adeo Group for his three business lines. The mutual trust inherent in these partnerships and built up over the years has enabled us to develop production facilities of the highest quality.

Shared values with our customers and employees

  • Guarantee sourcing of timber from sustainably-managed forests.
  • Foster flexibility through our employees, proactive agents of change who are continually upskilling.
  • Invest in faster production lines, as enhanced productivity and compliance with lead times allow our employees to focus on quality.
  • Offer flexible, increasingly automated logistics to improve workstation ergonomics and efficiency.

A fair price sourcing

DGS has been an Alsapan affiliate since 2003. With its Franco-Chinese staff, the company possesses extensive expertise in sourcing. Products designed in France are subsequently manufactured in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia in plants carefully selected for their know-how. Our staff keep close track of the origin of the wood used and compliance of all the materials in the process with the applicable standards in the country of destination. While each product range is designed to meet market needs, each of them also has its own history, colour or choice between traditional or innovative materials to drive their consumer appeal.